16 January 2006

IFN Podcast #036 - Part 1

Podsafe Music
One Summer Day by 28 [Official Site]

n the News

IFC Media Lab [Official Site]
The iPod Video Film Festival [Official Site]
Indiewire Top 10 Undistributed films of 2005 [Official Site]
Weinstein's select the Blu-Ray format to release future DVD titles
Sundance website will have video coverage on the festival and short films online shortly [Official Site]
Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2nd to 12th February 2006) [Official Site]

In Focus:
Interview with Chris Folino (Director/Writer) of Gamers [Official Site] plus clips from the film.

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IFN Podcast #036 - Part 2

Part 2
Interviews with the cast of Gamers - we chat to Beverly D'Angelo, Michael Bell & Kelly Le Brock for Gamers [Official Site]

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01 January 2006

IFN Podcast #035

In the News
Changes on the show:
Barry Mandingo has left the program for other pursuits & program has a name change

1ST MOBILE FILM FESTIVAL 2006 [Official Site]
FLIC Licence Issued (Australia Film Production Funds)
Palm Springs Film Festival [Official Site]
Gorilla Film Production Software (1) copy to giveway - (1) week to go: email feedback to gorilla@intheq.com.au

Podsafe Music:
Jazz Breaksfast by Gecko 3 [Official SIte]

In Focus:
Chris Brown, Producer of The Proposition, screening at the Sundance FIlm Festival in the Spectrum Program of the festival. The film has already picked up awards at the AFI and IF Awards in November. [IMDB Filmography]

Podsafe Music:

In a long time by 46 bliss [Official Site]

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