27 August 2006

IFN Podcast #055

Industry News
Crispin Glover hits the road with What Is It?
Inside Film Awards
nominations closing soon!
Project Greenlight Australia Top 10 screenplays online!
George A. Romero's Diary of Dead
Andrew Bujalski's films picked up for UK distribution by Diffusion Pictures
More Digital Distribution by AOL, Guba and Grouper

Film Festival & Event Wrap
Air New Zealand Screen Awards

Film Festival & Event Preview
Telluride Film Festival (USA) 1st to 4th September 2006
Deauville Film Festival (France) 1st to 10th September 2006
Venice Film Festival (Italy) 30th August to 9th September 2006

The Inside Tip
ZTudio 3 Minute Opportunity Competition
SPAA Conference Pitching Competition

Podsafe Music
Vampire Lullaby by Imaginitis

In Focus
Interview with Eric Forsberg (Screenwriter) of Snakes on a Train

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with Lance Weiler (Writer/Director) of Head Trauma and MySpace Profile

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Kill Your Idols by Zeitgeist Zero

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15 August 2006

IFN Podcast #054

Industry News
Screenwriting Expo (LA)
Montreal World Film Festival is back again!
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Film Festival Wrap Up
Melbourne International Film Festival winners
check out the MIFFcast
Santiago Film Festival winners
Film Festival Preview
Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival on 23rd to 27th August 2006
Montreal World Film Festival on 24th August to 4th September 2006
Hayden Online Film Festival is on again!

Inside Tip

Podsafe Music
Hold On by Tom Waites

In Focus
Interview with Andrew Bujalski (USA) (Writer/Director) of Funny Ha Ha & Mutual Appreciation, feature films storming film festivals around the world

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with Jose Cassell from (Florida USA)(Writer/Director) of Delivery (new feature length horror film)

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Podsafe Music
Betty by The Lascivious Biddies

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05 August 2006

IFN Podcast #053

Industry News
Amazon jumps into Hollywood business
Sydney Film Festival Problems
FatFreeFilms interviews Peter Bogdanovich on their latest podcast
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Film Festival Wrap Up
Cambrigde Film Festival Winners
Film Festival Preview
Rhode Island Film Festival (USA) - 8th to 13th August 2006
Venice Film Festival announces line up of films - 30th August to 9th September 2006
Toronto Film Festival announce line up & new program section - 7th to 16th September 2006
Sundance Film Festival announces deadlines
The Inside Tip

The Daily Reel
Current TV
Competition on Tolerance
Make Advertising Better Challenge Finalist No 4
I remember what the light felt like by Department of Energy available on iTunes
In Focus
Interview with Chris Doyle (Director of Photography) of Lady in the Water (M. Night Shyamalan)
MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Robert Massetti (Writer/Director/Producer) @ Fear Films
Just Like Heaven by Saturday Action Theatre (James Zahn)

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