29 March 2010

B.I.K.E. (2005) now online to watch

b.i.k.e (2005), USA, feature documentary has recently been released online by Snag Films to watch for free.  An exploration of the Black Label Bicycle Club (USA) and the attempt by Anthony Howard, co-director, to become a club member.  A bicycle club that acts more like an outlaw motorcycle gang.  They tall bike joust and live anti-materialism lifestyle.  b.i.ke. delivers an insightful and entertaining look at people on the fringes of society and exploring an alternate lifestyle.

Anthony Howard was a guest on the Indie Film Nation Podcast #038 on the 7th March 2006 and worth a listen to get the lowdown on what is an unforgettable documentary.  Click here to download the show.

If you enjoy the film, support the filmmaker by purchasing the B.I.K.E.: Be Inclusive Kill Exclusivity DVD from Amazon.


27 March 2010

Podcast #092 - Christopher Holland (author) of Film Festival Secrets

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20 March 2010

Video Podcast #033 - Tim Daly (Private Practice) Jason Ritter (The Dry Land)

Interviews with Tim Daly, actor on Private Practice and co-president of The Creative Coalition discussing the coalition plus Jason Ritter on his latest role in The Dry Land (USA) dramatic feature film that had it's world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

You can buy the Private Practice Television series from Private Practice

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10 March 2010

Video Podcast #032 - Adam Busch (co-director) & cast of Drones (USA)

Interview with Adam Busch (co-director) and cast members: Jonathan Woodward, Samm Levine, Marc Evan Jackson of Drones (USA) dramatic feature film recorded on the red carpet at the Slamdance Film Festival.

Check out the official Drones site for future screenings and release dates.

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03 March 2010

Video Podcast #031 - Joseph Gordon Levitt (Producer) of HITRECORD.ORG

Interview with Joseph Gordon Levitt aka Regular Joe (Producer) of HITRECORD.ORG (new collaborative internet project) and actor from Sundance Film Festival smash hit, HESHER along with Regular Joe's co-producer, Jared Geller.

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