22 April 2006

IFN Podcast #043

Indie FIlm News
Indie Film Nation Podcast will be released every weekend
Akira Kurosawa Film School[Official Site] in Japenese only
Instanbul festival debacle - festival director axed in the middle of the festival
Austrian Film Producers fighting over coin
25th Hong Kong Film Awards [Official Site]

FilmFestival Updates

GenArt Winners[Official Site] check out video podcast by David Jr [Official Site]
Method Fest [Official Site]
Upcoming Tribeca Film Festival April 25th to May 7th NYC USA [Official Site]
Cannes Film Festival Films Announced [Official Site]
Roger Ebert Film Festival 26th April to 30th April - Illinois USA [Official Site]

Filmmakers Resource
Script P.I.M.P. Competition [Official Site] - Closing next week Final Draft Screenwriting Competition [Official Site]
IFP Market [Official Site] - closing next week

Podsafe Music

Blackheart Blues - Melissa Forbes from Brisbane [Podsafe Music Link]

In Focus
Interview with David Straus (CEO) of Withoutabox.com [Official Site] film festival submission site

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week

Interview with Jim Hemphill (Writer/Director) of Bad Reputation (Feature Film) [MySpace] [Official Film Site]

Podsafe Music
Schools Out by Fire Underground [Podsafe Music Link]

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12 April 2006

IFN Podcast #042

Introduction: Preview of the show GoDaddy.com special offer for listeners enter Indie3 when checking out for $6.95 .COM domain names

Indie Film News:
Robert Englund returns to directing after 17 year absence with Killer Pad (new indie horror film)
Best of the QT Fest (Quentin Tarantino's personal favourites) on the 24th to 30th April in Austin, Texas, USA[Official Site]
Rumor that Indy 4 will be filming Down Under (not indie film news but indy news anyway)
IndieWIRE launches their version of a social networking site called indieLOOP: [Official Site]
I am a sex addict - the brawl over theatrical release of looks in jeopardy
Update on the newly announce online distribution by the film studio (Note: Not for MAC users)

Film Festival Updates:

FilmFest DC - The Washington D.C. International Film Festival 19th - 30th April - USA [Official Site]
San Francisco International Film Festival 20th April to 4th May 2006 - USA [Official Site]
Note: IndieWIRE has also launch SF360.org (a social networking site for Bay Area residents)

Podsafe Music
(from Podsafe Music Network)
Sound Scientist by Bill [Official PMN]

In Focus:

Stacey Parks (author) of Insiders Guide to Film Distribution [Official Site]

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week:

Martin Lau from England [MySpace Site] or [Official Site]

Comments, Suggestion or Feedback to


I must love the pain by Clare Hyde [MySpace Site] or [Official Site] (Note: composer wanting to getting involved in film)

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04 April 2006

IFN Podcast #041

Indie Film News
Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) returns to directing after creating the most successful indie film in history, Solstice [Official Site]
Project Greenlight Oz [Official Site] - Solo (coming soon) [IMDB Page]
Canada Film Festival Debacle Continues - Montreal Film Festival wants the New Montreal Film Festival's funds now
Online Delivery of films has been launch by Hollywood film studios Movielink [Official Site] or CinemaNow [Official Site] - for USA customers only

Film Festival Updates

Bermuda International Film Festival Wrap [Official Site]
Malibu Film Festival (7th April to 11th April) - Santa Monica, CA, USA [Official Site]
Gen Art Film Festival (5th April to 11th April) - New York City, NY, USA [Official Site] featuring Video Podcast
Hong Kong International Film Festival (4th April to 19th April) - Hong Kong, China [Official Site]

Filmmaker Resource

Domain Registration for script or project titles a special deal thru Go Daddy [Official Site] use promotional codes during check out to access special rates:
Indie1 (save an additional 10% on any order)
Indie2 (save an additional $5 off any order of $30 ormore)
Indie3 (get your .COM domain name for just $6.95 a year)

Podsafe Music
Summertime by Brother Love [Podsafe Music Network] & [Official Site]

In Focus

Interview with Lloyd Kaufman (Producer & Director) - Troma Films [Official Site] & [MySpace Filmmaker] & [Video Podcast]

Giveaway - 10 Troma DVD's to be given away just email: mikesmith@indiefilmnation.com
(for first 10 emails received)

MySpace FilmmakerRyan Thiessen & Greg Swinson from Morristown, Tennessee (Trauma One Entertainment )[Production Site][MySpace Site] on their new feature, Five Across the Eyes [Official Site] [MySpace Film]

Show Conclusion

Feedback, suggestions or comments emails to Mike Smith or voice message: +1 323 319 6477

Podsafe Music

German Girl, She was American by Minmae [Podsafe Music Network] & [Official Site]

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