22 October 2008

IFN Video Podcast #10 - Steven Kastrissios (Director) of The Horseman

Jon Lucas interviews Steven Kastrissios (Writer/Director) of The Horseman (AUS) a new feature film which recently premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and includes the trailer for The Horseman.

The Horseman is a revenge film that showcases an incredible new talented Australian director who wrote, directed, edited and produced this film that will make a mark on the international film festival circuit.

Steven is a featured presenter at this week's SPAA Fringe conference to be held in Sydney.

Check out Kastle Films for behind the scene footage from The Horseman.


08 October 2008

IFN Video Podcast #09 - Richard Wolstencroft (Festival Director) of MUFF

Interview with Richard Wolstencroft (Festival Director) of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and (Writer/Director) of The Beautiful and Damned (AUS) feature film screening at MUFF as a work in progress.

Richard discuss the next edition of MUFF9, his new film and the state of the Australian film industry.  He gives us the low down on the new label from Accent Films - 'Accent Underground' featuring many films from previous MUFF years.