30 November 2007

IFN Video Podcast #06 - Joe Shapiro (Editor) of Zoo

On today's show in the spirit of the recent announcement of the films for the forthcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Sue Lawson interviews Joe Shapiro (Editor) of Zoo (USA) the feature documentary that tackles the controversial subject of beastility.   Zoo premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival.  It has been described as a beautiful and confronting film.  It has been challenging audiences around the film festival circuit this year.


14 November 2007

IFN Podcast #84

Bruce Himmelblau (Chicago, USA) interviews Chris L. Griffin (Writer/Director/Producer) of Partyline (USA) feature film currently playing the film festival circuit in the USA and produced by AAA Studios Entertainment

Moby opens his music catalogue to independent filmmakers check out at mobygratis.com


05 November 2007

For those of you in LA - check out this show!

If you are based in Los Angeles and you want to see 'one man show' with something original and shocking then get along to David Newham's 'SERGEANT SIFFOLLIS' @ Hudson Guild Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd, LA - check out: www.plays411.com/sergeant for more details!

David is an ex-Sydney policeman has put together an amazing one man show that will make you cry, make you cringe and give you unique experience.   

David was featured on the podcast on Episode 58 as the lead actor in the US independent film - Isolated.


03 November 2007

IFN Podcast #83

Interview with Ben Templesmith (co-creator & artist) behind the 30 Days of Night (graphic novel) that inspired the new feature film "30 Days of Night" that is playing theatrical around the world directed by David Slade (Hard Candy) and produced by Sam Raimi (Spiderman and Evil Dead).

Plus Ed Burns is going to iTunes to exclusive release his new feature film, "Purple Violent". 


05 October 2007

IFN Video Podcast #05 - Richard Wolstencroft (Festival Director) MUFF

Interview with Richard Wolstencroft (Festival Director) of Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF08) discussing this year's festival and censorship issues for the festival.

Richard reveals his new feature film and attacks the recent crop of Australian films.

Special guest host is Jon Lucas on this show.


14 September 2007

Privacy is a very serious problem!

Privacy is serious problem for the movie industry but that ad is really annoying and it was only a matter of time before someone made a spoof of it! Read more...

11 September 2007

IFN Podcast #082

Interview with Daniel Snyder (Director) of Dreams on Spec (USA) feature documentary film by Mercury Productions - now available on DVD from Amazon & NeoFlix! The film follows three aspiring screenwriters as they try to get their scripts turned into film. The film features established screenwriters James L. Brooks (Terms of Endearment), Nora Ephron (Sleepless In Seattle), Gary Ross (Seabiscuit), Ed Solomon (Men In Black), Steven De Souza (Die Hard) and Carrie Fisher (Script Doctor and On The Lot judge)

And get this -- IndieFilmNation Listeners get a special price -- 15% off this DVD. Check out the movie at Dreams On Spec and buy it using the Neoflix buying option. Then put in the coupon code "indiefilmnation" (without the quotation marks) and voila!


10 September 2007

Niv Fichman Receives CFPTA Producers Award

Industry Initatives at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Film and Television Production Association announced that Niv Fichman (Producer of Clean & Childstar) is the recipient of the second annual CFTPA Producer's Award with a $10,000 CAD cash prize. Fichman has produced over 200 documenataries, television series and films, including Francois Girard's Silk, which is screening at the Festival.


Rambo's Back - cinema hitting a new low!

http://view.break.com/362761 - Watch more free videos

29 August 2007

IFN Podcast #081

Interview with Tony Ayres (Writer/Director) of The Home Song Stories (AUS) dramatic feature film starring Joan Chen (USA) screening at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (next month) and currently on theatrical release in Australia

Music from The Living End (AUS) with Wake Up


22 August 2007

IFN Podcast #080

Interview with Jonathan King (Writer/Director) of Black Sheep (NZ) comedy horror feature film currently on theatrical release in Australia and was a smash hit at last year's Toronto International Film Festival


15 August 2007

IFN Podcast #079

Interview with Shane Meadows (Writer/Director) of This Is England (UK) an award winning feature film on theatrical release in Australia by Madman and now available on DVD in UK. Check out Shane Meadow's MySpace

Music by Deferred Success (UK) with Oh England


31 July 2007

IFN Podcast #078

Interviews with Anna Biller (Writer/Director/Producer) and Jared Sanford (Co-Producer/Cast) of Viva (USA) feature length film appearing in the Forbidden Pleasure program of the Melbourne International Film Festival plus we interview with Alex Ferrari (Writer/Director) of Broken and Cyn (USA) two successful short films produced by Numb Robot and The Enigma Factory

Sin City by Uncle Scratchs Gospel Revival

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24 July 2007

IFN Podcast #77

Interview with Stacey Parks (USA) author of The Insiders Guide to Independent Film Distribution and founder of the Filmspecific.com - the complete distribution resource for independent filmmakers.

Filmmaker of the week is Dan Masucci from Foutainhead Pictures (Writer/Director) of Letting Go (USA) short film produced for the On The Lot (reality television series) after he was short listed for the program.

Arizona Man by Wensday

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22 July 2007

Cinematical discover this podcast!

Cinematical one of the most popular independent film blogs in the world has recently discovered this podcast. They were even kind enough to give us a mention in one of their blogs with some very positive feedback about our recent interviews with Richard Moore (MIFF) and Goetz Webber (InDplay).

"Indie Film Nation, which runs some nifty podcasts about all things indie, has a fascinating interview up with Richard Moore, the director of the Melbourne International Film Festival. Good stuff. While you're already over there, check out last week's interview with Goetz Weber, CEO and co-founder of inDPlay."

Thank you cinematical!

17 July 2007

IFN Podcast #76

Interview with Richard Moore (Executive Director) of the Melbourne International Film Festival which commences on the 25th July to the 12th August 2007 plus we catch up with Barry Mandingo (screenwriter and previous co-host of the Indie Film Nation Podcast) who turns up in England (of all places) and joins me in a discussion on all things cinema!

How Is It Gonna End by Tom Waits

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Short Film - Ice Bath

A short film I made a few years for under 1K had over 100,000 on iFilm in 2002

16 July 2007

A familiar cry from an independent filmmaker!

I share this guy's frustration too!


09 July 2007

IFN Podcast #75

Interview with Goetz Weber (CEO & Co-Founder) of inDplay (online market place for film, TV and video rights getting content creators and professionals buyers together)

plus an update on future episodes with very special guest on next week show

80's Trash by The Ribbon Device

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01 July 2007

IFN Video Podcast #04 - Interview with Crispin Hellion Glover and David Brothers

Interview with Crispin Hellion Glover and David Brothers (Directors) of It's Fine, Everything is Fine! (USA) feature length film which can't be easily categorized into any particular genre screened in the Midnight section at the Sundance Film Festival07.
Crispin Hellion Glover tours regular around the world with What's Is It? and It's Fine, Everything is Fine!

This video podcast is presented in two parts (approximately 10 minutes running time)

click here to watch part one of the interview

click here to watch part two of the interview


30 June 2007

Trailer - Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg's new film "Eastern Promises" looks like another fantastic effort!

26 June 2007

IFN Podcast #074

Interview with Cherie Nowlan (Director) of Clubland (AUS) (official selection at Sundance Film Festival 07) will be released nationally across the Australia (this week) and on the 4th July in the USA will be released as Introducing the Dwights (USA).

Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with J. Fabian (writer/director/producer & actor) of Movin G (USA) no budget feature film soon to be released on DVD (USA).

Industry News:

Any Day Now by Tim Foley (USA)
Only Cold by Glasshouse (AUS)


11 June 2007

Preview - 30 Days of Night

every now again a film looks like being something special - is this it?


20 May 2007

IFN Podcast #073

Interview with Tammy Caplan (co-writer/director) and Joe Gold (co-writer/star) of Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass (USA) short film - smash hit on Atom Films and available to watch now!

Industry Update
An update on the Cannes Film Festival and preview of the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival kicks off on the 24 May to 17 June


Don't forget to enter the "Discover Me" short film competition at mymovienetwork.com to win a copy of FrameForge 3D software and much much more!

If this geek ruled the world by Geoff Smith
99 words for boobs by The FuMP (Robert Lund)

direct link to download the show


30 April 2007

IFN Podcast #072

Interview with Tiffany & Jayce Bartok (Directors) of Altered by Elvis (USA) feature documentary plus Jayce is also the screenwriter of The Cake Eaters (USA) currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Industry Player of the Week
Interview with Ben Pinkhasik and Clint Mazur (co-founders) of My Movie Network a great social networking/resources for filmmakers and we announce the "Discover Me" film competition in conjunction with the My Movie Network - win a copy of FrameForge 3D (storyboarding software) and a chance to be guest on Indie Film Nation.

Another Wasted Barman by Kidbrother (Sweden)
Coming Down Easy by The Brown Hornets (Canada)

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14 April 2007

IFN Podcast #071

Interview with Stephen Tramontana (Writer/Director) of Grindhouse (USA) feature film made in 2002 and has accused Quentin Tarantino of ripping off his film for his new film project with Robert Rodgriuez. Tramontana has released his film for download for only 99 cents at The Real Grindhouse

Industry News
Bryan Singer vs Gus Van Sant - both are making new films about the Harvey Milk murder in San Franscisco

Anne Thompson from Variety magazine reports that independent filmmakers are now using online distribution strategies like Amazon Unboxed to release their films and details Linda Nelson and Michael Madsen experience of distributing their film Shifted (USA) on Amazon. Madsen appeared on Indie Film Nation #039 on the 19th March 2006 discussing exactly this strategy over year before the industry papers picked on this trend.

Preview of San Francisco International Film commences the 26th April to 10th May 2007

Had Enough by Frenzal Rhomb (AUS)
Sleepwalker by Sender (AUS)

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05 April 2007

IFN Video Podcast #03 - Interview with David Carradine and Hommo Erectus team

Red carpet interviews at the Slamdance Film Festival on the world premiere of Homo Erectus (USA) feature length comedy starring David Carradine.

Interviews with David Carradine (Star) [official site], [myspace] [IMDB], Scott Billups (Director of Photography) [IMDB] and Adam Rifkin (writer/director/producer/star) on [MySpace] or [IMDB]

click here to watch the show

30 March 2007

Short Film - Keep on Reachin'

Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

Check us this very funny short film by Charlie Brown from Chicago, IL (USA)


23 March 2007

IFN Podcast #070

Interview with Peter Baxter (co-founder) of Slamdance Film Festival discussing the history and future of the Slamdance Film Festival plus the highlights of the class of 07.

Filmmakers of Week
Interview with Will Slocombe (Director) with Ben Kolak (co-Producer) of Crime Fiction (USA) dramatic feature film

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22 March 2007

Short Film - Culture


06 March 2007

IFN Video Podcast #02 - Johnny Barrington of Trout (UK)

Interview with Johnny Barrington (writer/director) of Trout (UK) short film screened that at the Sundance Film Festival (available online now) and screening in competition at South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX (USA) plus introducing our new co-host, Sue Lawson (Chicago, USA)

Click here to watch this episode

Check out the trailer for Trout here

02 March 2007

Short Film - Sticky Date

Sticky Date (2000) shot on 16mm for budget of $3000 produced by Mike Smith

21 February 2007

IFN Podcast #069

Interview with Donal MacIntyre (Director) of A Very British Gangster (UK) feature documentary which screened in the World Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival

Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with William Lappe (Writer/Director) of Even Steven (USA) (award winning short film)

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29 January 2007

IFN Video Podcast #01 - Nick Broomfield of Ghost (UK)

Interview with Nick Broomfield (writer/director) of Ghosts (UK) screened in the World Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival 07 with co-host, Bruce Himmelblau (Chicago, UK)

Click here to watch the interview

17 January 2007

IFN Podcast #068

Interview with Matthew Saville (writer/director) of Noise (AUS) screening in the World Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival

Preview of the Sundance Film Festival 07 program with Bruce Himmelblau.

Click here to listen to the show

10 January 2007

IFN Podcast #067

Interview with Philip Hodgetts (AUS), Post Production Expert from Intelligent Assistant(USA) and Producer of Digital Production Buzz Podcaster

Filmmakers of the Week
Interview with Kimball Carr (Writer/Director) and Ethan Marten (Producer) of Samaritan (USA) produced by Star Circle Pictures (award winning short film)