27 July 2010

Video Podcast #034 - Daniel Roberts (actor) Dreamland

Interview with Daniel Roberts (actor) in Ivan Sen's Dreamland (2010), Australian dramatic feature film which is a mystical and incredible cinematic journey through the Nevada desert on man's quest for answers.  

Daniel Roberts delivers a truly remarkable performance without uttering a line of dialogue.  The journey behind the making this film is worth the view.

Dreamland will be have it's final screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Wednesday the 28th July at 4.45 p.m.

This episode of Indie Film Nation was shot on a Canon 5D and 7D by Peter Miranda who also edited this episode.

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21 July 2010

a clip for the movie buffs

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Can you identify the 35 Movies referenced in this clip,  I reckon I can identify about 15 at the moment maybe it'll take a few views.


01 July 2010

The Horseman (2008) gets theatrical release down under

The Horseman (2008) has finally secured a theatrical run in Australia after successfully playing the international film circuit during 2009.  Steven Kastrissios (writer/director/co-producer/editor) collected a swag of awards and the film was picked up DVD/Blu-ray release in the USA, UK and a number major international markets.

Jon Lucas caught up with Steven Kastrissios during the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The Horseman will be on limited theatrical release from the 8th July at the Chauvel Cinema (Sydney), Tribal Theatre (Brisbane) and Cinema Nova (Melbourne).

If you can not get to one of those screening the film is available on The Horseman[Blu-ray Edition] and The Horseman [DVD] from Amazon.

Finally, Steven Kastrissios recently knocked out a short film, 428 (via Newtown), for a film competition in Sydney which he has released on the internet for all of us to enjoy.

428 was shot on a DSLR Canon 500D with non professional actors in a few hours.