27 August 2009

IFN Video Podcast #27 - Jake Rademacher (Director) of Brothers at War (USA)

Bruce Himmelblau catches up with Jake Rademacher (Director/Producer) of Brothers at War (USA) to discusses his very moving and powerful feature documentary about his two brothers who were currently serving active military duties in Iraq.  Rademacher documents why his two brothers are fighting for and the impact on their families.

Brothers at War is currently on limited release across the USA to keep update to get connected at official siteFacebookTwitterYoutube and myspace.

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nancy said...

Heads up: Brothers at War comes out on DVD next Tuesday--Jan. 12. Same day, filmmaker Jake Rademacher hosts a live "Online Embed" to talk to milbloggers, media, and anyone else about this amazing movie. RSVP @ http://www.BrothersatWarthemovie.com