04 January 2010

Huge Troma DVD Collection Giveaway!

In the spirit of the New Year, we are giving away an entire collection of Troma Films (22 * DVD) along with Lloyd Kaufman's Make Your Own Dawn Movie 5 DVD Box Set.

(1) Angel Negro (Director's Cut)
(2) Beware Children at Play
(3) Blood Sucking Freaks (Director's Cut)
(4) Class of Nuke'em High (Director's Cut)
(5) Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
(6) The Chosen One
(7) Drawing Blood
(8) Hellblock 13
(9) Killer Condom
(10) Legend of the Chupacabra
(11) Luther the Geek
(12) Rockabilly Vampire
(13) Sgtr Kabukiman NYPD (Director's Cut)
(14) Surf Nazis Must Die (Director's Cut)
(15) Troma Triple B-Header
(16) Tales from the Crapper
(17) Teenage Catgirls in Heat (Director's Cut)
(18) Terror Firmer (2 DVD Collector's Edition)
(19) Toxic Avenger (21st Anniversary Special Edition 2 DVD Set)
(20) Toxic Avenger Part 2 (Director's Cut)
(21) Toxic Avenger Part 3 (Director's Cut)
(22) Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger Part 4 (2 DVD Directors Edition)

Plus Lloyd Kaufman's Make You Own Damn Movie 5 DVD Box Set.

All DVD's are region 0 and have been kindly donated by Stomp Entertainment, Australian distributor of Troma Films.

To enter simply listen to the Indie Film Nation Podcast or follow our twitter feed for the code word to enter!  Then send an email with the code word to contact@indiefilmnation.com for chance to win this huge tromantastic giveaway!

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