30 May 2010

Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)

The iconic Dennis Hopper passed away earlier today, he'll be remember for some of the most incredible performance in cinema history.  His portrayal of Frank Booth in Blue Velvet (1983) and Howard Payne in Speed (1994) stand out as two of the greatest cinematic villains to grace the silver screen.

Hopper's film credits are long and impressive collection of roles. The one film that will stand at the top of his achievements will be Easy Rider (1969) which he co-wrote, directed and starred in.  The film was the quintessential 60's film that captured the imagination and ethos of the 60's.  Easy Rider was an independent film made outside of the studio system and will forever remain one of the most successful independent films ever made and helped sparked a new generation of filmmakers.

As brilliant as Hopper could be,  he could be as erratic and crazy as a group of Australian filmmakers experienced on the set of Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Hopper was not only a great actor he was an artist and photographer in his own right.  He was advocate for the arts and the supporter of the Cinevegas Film Festival.

Dennis Hopper was always entertaining and certainly never dull that's why he will be so fondly remembered.

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